DB Cache System ver.2

ProudNet Database Cache System version 2 reduces the number of database accesses with cache techniques, while at the same time allowing game server developers to develop games without having to consider the time spent waiting for database accesses.

It can be more useful if you do not have much experience in implementing database schemas and DB cache systems for online games.


  1. Accessing game-related databases cache

  2. Arbitrating asynchronous database access

  3. Non-exclusive access features: Prevent database access from web services and billing systems, not just game servers, from disturbing the database

It provides access to a wide range of user-defined data and is useful for handling data such as a gamer's character, inventory items, friend list, etc. or the state of the game world (e.g. items on the ground, monster distribution, battlefield occupancy, etc.) from the game server to the database.

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