Mac Xcode

ProudNet iOS version

  • Development languages: C/C++

  • Library and Sample: XCode8 Version

1. Preparation Work

Below shows how to include ProudNet Library in your XCode Project.

1-1. Copy the files below to your Mac

  • ProudNet\Sample\Chat\ChatCommon

  • ProudNet\Sample\Chat\ChatIOS

  • ProudNet\lib\IOS\LLVM(or GNU)

  • ProudNetProudNet\utill\PIDL.exe

1-2. Install Mono for Mac.

1-3. open ChatIOS.xcodeproj in Sample\ChatIOS

1-4. Add Include.xcodeproj to your project.

1-5. Modify the contents of the Run Script for BuildPhases.

1-6. Modify Debug, Relese in Build Settings > Other Linker Flags.

Change to the path where the actual libProudNetClient.a is located, and choose between LLVM and GNU. If you have a directory structure like the one above, it should look like the screenshot.

1-7. To check, after building ChatIOS, you can run ChatServer on Windows to check for ChatIOS connectivity.

Notes on using ProudNet in Xcode ※ Add libiconv.dylib, a library built in Xcode. ※ It is not available in m-files, so you need to change the extension to mm-files. ※ Add #include <new> to all mm files. In Xcode, STLs cannot be declared in header files.

2. Resolving errors

If you experience a link error when adding the ProudNet Library, add the following option.

If COCOs2d-x, a link error related to duplicate symbol, occurs when using the -all_load -Objc option, use -force_load instead of -all_load -Objc in Other Linker Flags.

To match the path, adjust the path to PIDL.exe. If the directory structure is as above, please modify it as follows. mono ../../util/PIDL.exe ../ChatCommon/* -outdir ./ChatIOS/

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