Download and Install

ProudNet supports Windows 2003 Server or later versions of server-only operating systems and Linux, and has been tested on CentOS 6 / Ubuntu 12 and above.

You can download the installation files from the ProudNet Github for easy installation and use in a Windows environment.

For Linux environments, see Project setting on Linux. To install and proceed with an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), see AMI.

1. License Key

50 CCU or less is provided as standard, but if you need additional CCU, please apply with project details to

Your license key will be delivered to the email you signed up with and is also available on the Nettention Developer Network.

2. Installation

The installation file comes in the form of ProudNetLibSetup-1.71.330032-master and requires administrator authority.

3. License Verification Methods

4. Directory Structure

If the installation completes successfully, you should have a directory structure that looks like this.

  1. Header files related to ProudNet lib

  2. Library provided by specific platform

  3. A variety of example programs are included to help you learn how to use ProudNet.

  4. License verification program and PIDL-related program are included.

5. Library

<Installed path>\ProudNet\lib\

  1. C# Module Library

  2. iOS Module Library

  3. Android Module Library

  4. Unity Module Library

  5. Windows Module Library

  6. Linux Module Library

- Changes in 1.7.40679 and later versions

The static library is only available up to _v140_, you can use the static library for VS2015(v140) in later versions.

  1. With the latest XCode, only arm64-specific libraries are available, so we have prepared both the old XCode and the latest XCode.

  2. We are discontinuing support for r10d, but will continue to support r13b and r17.

  3. The version name of the tool chain used in the build disappears from the path and cmake is replaced.

  4. The STL type name used in the build has disappeared from the path. Instead, the combination string “Toolchain name used for build + Configuration” is entered in Camel notation at that location.

  5. The number of Architecture names in the path has increased to three. This is because we're bringing back support for x86 and starting to support ARMv8 for 64-bit.

  6. VS version names in the form of VS2017 have been replaced with version names in the form of v141 in the path.

  7. VS2017 -> v141

  8. The library for Linux was split into two files, one for the client and one for the server, with a single unified file combining the client and server modules. For clients: libProudNetClient.a For servers: libProudNetServer.a

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