Unreal Engine 4

Download the ProudChat Unreal Engine 4 SDK from the link below.

Project settings

- Plugins settings

In the project root folder, create a new Plugins folder.

Copy the downloaded SDK file to the Plugins folder you created.

In the Unreal Editor, press Edit - Plugins to check whether the ProudChat plugin you copied is enabled in the Plugin Browser tab.

If you don't see the ProudChat plugin in the Unreal Editor after copying it to the Plugins folder, you can check by exiting and re-launching the editor.

- Setting Up Blueprint Classes

After the plugin is successfully installed, the ProudChat C++ class Browser in the Unreal Editor creates a Blueprint class based on the ProudChatActor class.

In the Event Graph of the Blueprint class you created, create an Init function for Proud Chat, connect it to the BeginPlay event, and enter the Account UUID, Project UUID, and User UniqueID that you received from the Proud Console.

After compiling the event by pressing the Compile button, place the created Blueprint Class in your Level and press Play to see if it connects to the server.

If the connection is successful, ProudChat Connection Success is displayed in the top-left corner of the level.


- ProudChatActor::Init

This is the part that initializes ProudChat. The user must call the Init function to connect to the server before using it.

Function NameParametersDescription


The user's UUID provided in the Proud Console, the UUID of the project the user created, and the user's own UniqueID.

The user writes this part of the function to connect ProudChat. We're taking 3 strings as parameters, but internally we're calling the ChatClientInitComplete, ChatClientInitFailed events via std::bind so we can see if the login succeeded or failed.

- Functions

Function NameFunction NameParametersDescription


Unique key for the channel you want to access

Enter the key of the channel you want to access.


Unique key for the channel you want to disconnect

Enter the key of the channel you want to disconnect from.


A unique identification value for a specific channel, a message to send to the specific channel

Use to send a message to a specific channel.


An identification value unique to a specific recipient, a message to send to the specific recipient

Use to send a message to a specific recipient.

- Event Variables

Event variable nameDescription


Event called when Init Complete is complete


Events called when Init Failed


Events called when a Channel Message arrives


Events called when a send message arrives


Event called when a notice arrives

- Event Functions

Event function nameDescription


This function is called after a successful server connection and login.


Function called on server login failure. This function is fired when the connection to the server is successful but the account cannot be logged in. It does not retry on failure, so it requires a setup check.


Event function delegated when another user sends a message to a channel Users can register an Event to use it, which takes as parameters the Unique ID of the channel where the message came from, the Unique ID of the target that generated the message, and the message sent by the other party.


Event function to be delegated when another user sends you a message Users can use the Event by registering it, which receives as parameters the Unique ID of the target that generated the message and the message sent by the other party.


Event functions delegated when sending an announcement in Proud Console The announcement content is output through the message received as a parameter.


- Android

Please refer to the links below.

- iOS

For more information, see Building iOS.

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