Download the ProudChat C++ SDK from the GitHub link below.

Project settings

Copy the SDK file downloaded via git to the path of your root project and open the properties window for that project file in visual studio's solution explorer.

1. ProudNet Header file

In the Properties window, under C/C++ - Additional Include Directory, add an include folder from the path to the folder where ProudNet is installed.

2. Set the path to the library <ProudNetClient.lib> directory

In the Properties window, under Linker - General, add the Debug or Release folder in lib - x64 - v140 from the path to the folder where ProudNet is installed.

3. Set library <ProudNetClient.lib> Dependencies

In the Properties pane, under Linker - Input, add the ProudNetClient.lib file located in the library directory you added.

Set both the Debug and Release configurations.

4. Adding ChatClient

You can include ChatClient in your project by creating a ChatClient object and using it.

ChatClient object

- Creating

using namespace Proud;

ProudChat::CChatClient* chatClient = new ProudChat::CChatClient();

- ChatClient::Init

This is the part that initializes the ChatClient. The user must call the Init function to connect to the server before using it.

- Function

- Event variable

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